Radyo Klasik FM 91.5


About Radyo Klasik FM 91.5

Radyo Klasik FM 91.5 is a well-known radio station in Haiti, recognized for its diverse programs and influential presence in the media landscape. The station covers a broad range of topics, including local and international news, politics, sports, music, and cultural events. Known for its dynamic and engaging approach, Radyo Klasik FM 91.5 features experienced hosts who deliver informative and entertaining content to its audience. The station plays a significant role in keeping listeners informed about current affairs while also offering a mix of music genres to cater to diverse tastes.

More Information

All styles non-stop French songs Compas, Carnival, Rara, Racine, Dance, Electro, Gospel kreyòl, Pop, Rock, Disco, Funk Reggae, Country, Latino, Rap Kreyòl, Jazz, Blues HardRock, Clubbing/Lounge etc..Follow all political, cultural, sports information live and continuously on Radyo Klasik FM The latest information, news and current events in Haiti and internationally. 


Website: radiotelevar.com

Language: French

Email: saline1980antoine@gmail.com

Contact Number: +509 46 29 4403

Address: Rue Jordany # 1, Haiti

Frequency: 91.5 Mhz

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