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About Radio Konpa Direk

Radio Konpa Direk plays both today’s and yesterday’s best hits. It’s a comprehensive bundle for listeners who’ve grown tired of hunting for a radio station that plays today’s biggest hit songs. When you listen to Radio Konpa Direk, you will enjoy a relaxing experience that you will remember for a long time.

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Kompa (in Haitian: konpa) is a modern musical genre. Popularized by saxophonist and guitarist Jean-Baptiste Nemours in 1955 (direct compass)1. The year 1955 would be the date of the beginning of the implementation of the Compas Direct rhythm by Nemours Jean-Baptiste, a rhythm which he would have finalized in 1957. Nemours Jean-Baptiste would have presented to the general public his musical formation "Cojunto international" on the Place Sainte-Anne in Port-au-Prince, July 26, 1955 on the occasion of the feast of Sainte-Anne. Since then, July 26 is considered by some to be Compass Day, this rhythm which has since been the musical identity of Haitian culture.



Language: French


Address: Port aux Princes, Haiti

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