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About Radio Haiti Publicite

A major radio station in Haiti, Radio Haiti Publicite broadcasts from its headquarters in Port-au-Prince. With an emphasis on its neighborhood local area, the channel serves the more extensive districts of Haiti, giving news, current issues, diversion, and music.

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Radio Haiti Publicite has areas of strength for a presence, permitting audience members to stream live projects or make up for lost time with past transmissions whenever it might suit them. The station's site is not difficult to explore, containing data on projects, moderators, and news, guaranteeing that audience members are consistently fully informed regarding the most recent from Haiti and then some. The channel's timetable is different, taking special care of many audience members. Early mornings are loaded up with music and television shows, while the evenings center around news and current undertakings. Evening programming brings well known shows, music, and diversion to audience members, with a scope of syndicated programs and bring in programs giving open doors to audience members to draw in with the station.



Language: French


Contact Number: +347-693-6407

Address: Fond Bassin Bleu, Haiti

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