Radio Fraternelle


About Radio Fraternelle

Radio Fraternite seeks to be the voice of Haitians worldwide, including young people, residents, associations, clubs, and structures. Anyone is welcome to present a program centered on a theme or issue that is important to them everything is possible!

More Information

Radio Fraternelle is just a radio broadcast over the internet that uses streaming technologies. This radio can only be aired on the internet or be an FM radio transmission on the web. All major FM radio stations now have online radio, which allows for mobile and distant listening, as well as mobile applications for smartphones and tablets. Radio Fraternelle uses a method to evade the allocation of FM frequencies by the FCC in the United States of America or Conatel in Haiti in order to expand its broadcast worldwide.



Language: French


Contact Number: +1-954-274-0284

Address: 6150 NW 11th St, Sunrise, Fl 33313

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