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About Radio Haiti Fusion

Listening to Radio Haiti Fusion in hi-fi stereo offers a distinct range of locally and widely produced projects, including spoken word and music. In order to provide listeners with an unfathomable list of well-known and unknown songs ranging from country to dance, hip-hop to classical, jazz to alternative, rock to folk, blues to ethnic, and much more, Radio Haiti Fusion supporters believe in providing a true musical diversity.

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Since its founding in August 2004, Radio Haiti Fusion has shaped the media landscape in Haiti for almost 20 years in a dynamic and significant way. The station's mission has been to provide high-caliber content that speaks to a varied audience while reflecting Haiti's rich cultural diversity since its founding.




FaceBook: @don.camille.14

Twitter: @haitifusion

Instagram: @haitifusion

Language: Haitian

Contact Number: +5026017368

WhatsApp: +5026017368

Frequency: 105.7 Mhz

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