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About Radio Tele Planet Compas

Radio Tele Planet Compas is a Haitian live broadcaster. Radio Tele Planet Compas broadcasts news, talk shows, and a variety of musical genres. Radio Tele Planet Compas provides online music and program streaming. Tele Planet Compas is a live online radio station that broadcasts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

More Information

Radio Tele Planet Compas, founded in November 2002, is a Haitian radio station that broadcasts generic programming such as news, educational programs in English, and Bible lectures in Haitian Creole. Evangelique (Gospel) and Compas produce the majority of the station's content. The objective of Radio Tele Planet is to educate, enlighten, and amuse Haitian audiences worldwide, whether they live in Haiti, France, the Dominican Republic, the United States, or anyplace else. The FM's tagline is "La Station Mondiale du Compas et de l'Évangile." Radio Planet Compas is available online, featuring the greatest Kompa music.




FaceBook: @RadioTelePlanetCompas

Language: French

Contact Number: +(781) 510 -6566

Address: Randolph, M.A.

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