Radio Wave Haiti


About Radio Wave Haiti

Radio Wave Haiti is a highly user-friendly radio station that features some of the country’s most popular radio programs throughout the day. They have various shows that are popular throughout the country and receive traffic from thousands of listeners, making Radio Wave Haiti a very popular radio station in the country.

More Information

Radio Wave Haiti is a prominent and longstanding radio station that has played a crucial role in the Haitian media landscape. With a rich history, the station has been a reliable source of news, information, and entertainment for its audience. Known for its comprehensive news coverage, Radio Wave Haiti provides timely updates on local and international events, politics, sports, and cultural developments. The station's programming also includes a variety of music genres, talk shows, and discussions, catering to a diverse audience.




FaceBook: @RadioWaveFmHaiti

Language: French

Address: Port-au-Prince, Haiti

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