Radio Tele Lambi


About Radio Tele Lambi

Radio Tele Lambi is a broadcast community radio station from Haiti, dedicated to serving the local community with informative and entertaining content. With a focus on promoting culture, education, and social development, Radio Tele Lambi strives to be a voice for the people, bringing them together through the power of radio. Tune in to Radio Tele Lambi for the latest news, music, and discussions that matter to the community. Join us as we celebrate the rich heritage and spirit of Haiti, broadcasting stories that inspire and connect us all.

More Information

Radio Tele Lambi, founded in Corail in Grand’Anse, on June 27, 1997, and now located at 76, rue Stenio Vincent (Basse Ville), Jérémie. It broadcasts on 103.9 FM and 104.1 FM Stéréo, and Channel 4 for Television. From its CEO, the Honorable Senator Michel CLériÉ, Radio Télé Lambi manages to have reliable Departmental coverage, but it also reaches other coasts of the Haitian Territory (e.g.: Gonave Island, Turtle Island , Petit-Goave, Fort-Liberté) and in the heights of Port-au-Prince, the capital. Always with the best programming, it touches and enters little by little into the daily lives of Haitians in Haiti as well as abroad.



Language: French

Contact Number: +19412645460

Address: Haiti

Frequency: 104.1 MHz

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