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About Radio Tele Cherubin

Radio Tele CHERUBIN (rtc) is a fervent organization. Radio Cherubin is the property of Wanky Massenat and the Stimphil siblings, who energetically put it at the service of all the outreaching chapels. Truth be told, Radio Cherubin is known as the voice of the Congregation of Christ in Haiti. Programming, personaland monetary help come from our own assets The majority of the writing computer programs is created in Haitian Creole and French by devoted staff who are focused on the reason for the gospel.

More Information

Radio Tele Cherubin is a vibrant broadcast community radio station based in Haiti. With a dedication to serving the local community, Radio Tele Cherubin brings a diverse range of programming that includes news, music, and cultural content. As a trusted source of information and entertainment, this radio station plays a vital role in keeping the community connected and informed. Tune in to Radio Tele Cherubin to stay updated on the latest news, enjoy great music, and engage with the rich cultural heritage of Haiti.



Language: French


Contact Number: +50939227479

Address: Haiti

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