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About Radio Tete a Tete

Radio Tete a Tete broadcasts a wide variety of locally and nationally produced programs, including music and spoken word, in hi-fi stereo. Radio Tete a Tete broadcasters believe in delivering genuine musical variety, so listeners may enjoy a large collection of known and unknown recordings ranging from country to dance, hip-hop to classical, jazz to alternative, rock to folk, blues to ethnic, and much more.

More Information

Radio Tete a Tete (102.9 FM) Saint Marc is a mixed-format station that focuses on news, current affairs, regional topics, and sports. The chaine does, however, play some good music recordings, both vintage and current, on a daily basis. Radio Tête a Tête 102.9 FM Stéréo's motto is "La Radio du Peuple". The hi-fi stereo broadcasts of national, regional, and worldwide music give true diversity to listeners in and out of the Caribbean. The genres hosted by 102.9 Stéréo FM include country, rock, salsa, pop, zouk, folk, dance, and jazz, among others. Tête a Tête is always devoted to presenting instructive and entertaining talks to the Saint Marc community.



FaceBook: @RadioIbo

Twitter: @haiti_ibo

Language: French

Address: 14, Frecyeneau , Saint-Marc, Haiti

Frequency: 102.9 MHz

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