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About Zenith FM 102.5

Zenith FM 102.5 is a popular Haitian radio station known for its diverse and engaging programming. With a commitment to providing a mix of news, music, and entertainment, the station caters to a wide audience in Haiti.

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The station typically offers a variety of shows that cover current affairs, sports, culture, and music, ensuring a well-rounded listening experience for its audience. Whether delivering the latest news updates or playing a diverse selection of music genres, Zenith FM 102.5 aims to keep its listeners informed and entertained. Known for its vibrant and dynamic approach, Zenith FM 102.5 often features energetic hosts and a range of interactive segments, fostering a strong connection with its audience. The station plays a significant role in the Haitian media landscape, contributing to the cultural and social dialogue in the region. For the most accurate and up-to-date information about Zenith FM 102.5, it is recommended to check their official website or contact the station directly as changes may have occurred since my last update.


Website: www.radiotelezenith.net

Email: ronycolin@gmail.com


Language: French

Contact Number: (509) 3558-0371/ 346

Address: Radio Tele Zenith, Haiti 33, Bon Repos, Route nationale #1, Port-Au-Prince, Haiti,

Frequency: 102.5

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