Radio Tele ALEPH


About Radio Tele ALEPH

Every one of the hits for all the melodic tomfoolery is connected with the subject of Radio Tele ALEPH. They are not playing extraordinary melodic hits for you on their radio and their day-long projects; simultaneously, they are likewise able to play top-class tunes for you on your exceptional occasions, and for that, you simply have to enlist Radio Tele ALEPH.

More Information

Radio Télé ALEPH RTA is an institution that glorifies God; our vision is ADORATION, LOUANGE, EDIFICATION, HONOR, AND PREDICTION.



Language: French


Contact Number: +509 46 57 7142

Address: angle la Rte Nationale #1& Ruelle valira en face gatreau 9, Gonaïves, Haiti

Frequency: 95.9 MHz

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