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About Radio Tele Pyramide

Radio Tele Pyramide communicates its projects and brightens its playlists for a socially different crowd. As well as communicating an assortment of data and amusement programs, it also communicates different neighborhood creations. Their creations and data-based programs contain current issues in the culinary, social, diversion, and sports fields.

More Information

Founded on May 1, 1995, TELE-RADIO PYRAMIDE FM is a private, for-profit station with the objective of educating, training, and informing Artibonians in particular and all Haitians in general. TELE-RADIO PYRAMIDE FM is a general press organ. It was inaugurated by the most famous Haitian journalist, Jean Léopold Dominique, on Labor and Agriculture Day. This gives the station undeniable legitimacy among peasant planters, workers, and workers of all types. Thanks to its futuristic equipment and its experienced team, it has, in record time, become the largest of all the stations in our provincial towns.



Language: French


Contact Number: +50937740922

Address: 4 Rlle Dejean, Gonaives Ht 4110 Rte Nle#1, Frecyneau, St Marc Ht 4310

Frequency: 103.5 MHz

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