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About Radio Intrepide FM

Some of the time it is extremely difficult to recognize a radio program from another because a parcel of them plays a comparable sort of music over and over, and Radio Intrepide FM knows that quite well. To this end, Radio Intrepide FM simply doesn’t have any desire to be that sort of radio, and they offer bunches of variety in their show, programming approach, and numerous other things.

More Information

Tune in to Radio Intrepide, 97.3 FM, your go-to broadcast station in Gonaïves, Haiti. We bring you a vibrant mix of Caribbean, classical, and world music to keep you entertained round the clock. Not just music, our programming extends to arts, culture, sports, and news as well, ensuring you stay informed and engaged with the latest happenings. Stay connected with Radio Intrepide for a diverse and enriching listening experience that caters to all your interests and preferences. Join us on this exciting journey of music, culture, and information, only on Radio Intrepide, 97.3 FM.



Language: Français

Address: Gonaïves,Haiti

Frequency: 97.3 MHz

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