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With extremely high enthusiasm among their audience members in respect of their radio and different sorts of projects, Zerzer FM communicates every day and hour just to engage their audience members in the most captivating manner conceivable. Zerzer FM is now clearly in a vastly improved position as an online radio, which their loads of audience members love.

More Information

Zerzer FM is a vibrant broadcast community radio station from Haiti. Dedicated to serving the local community, Zerzer FM delivers a diverse range of programming that resonates with listeners of all ages and backgrounds. From music and entertainment to news and cultural discussions, Zerzer FM is a hub of information, inspiration, and connection for the people of Haiti. Tune in to Zerzer FM to stay informed, entertained, and engaged with the pulse of your community.


Website: zerzerfmhaiti.com

Language: French

Email: radiozerzer2007@gmail.com

Contact Number: +50937493723

Address: Haiti

Frequency: 102.7 MHz

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Zerzer FM