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About SFM Radio Haiti

With exceptionally high energy among their audience members in respect of their radio and different sorts of projects, SFM Radio Haiti communicates every day and hour just to engage their audience members in the most captivating manner conceivable. SFM Radio Haiti is now clearly in a greatly improved position as an online radio, which their loads of audience members love.

More Information

The creation of Radio SuperSonic FM (SFM) in Gros-Morne in 1995 was the result of the proprietor's  exploration of new electrical experiences. Grâce à sa capacité, il a réussi à fabriquer plusieurs émetteurs de faible capacité; malheureusement, en 1998, SuperSonic FM a disparu sur le cadran des appareils de radio des Gros-Mornais. Le 31 décembre 2014, après 19 ans d'absence, la Radio SuperSonic FM (SFM) était de retour sur la bande FM.


Website: sfmradiohaiti.com

Language: French

Email: sfmradiohaiti@yahoo.fr

Contact Number: tel:+50932591163

Address: #17, Rue Jolicoeur Gros-Morne,Haiti

Frequency: 102.7 MHz

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