Radio Compact International 99.5 FM


About Radio Compact International 99.5 FM

Radio Compact International 99.5 FM only plays music that their fans enjoy and that is currently popular. So, Radio Compact International 99.5 FM is concerned about your musical tastes. Enjoy crystal-clear audio with Radio Compact International 99.5 FM’s high-quality sound production. Experience the radio station’s broadcasts with impeccable clarity and immerse yourself in the world of audio entertainment.

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Listeners may easily follow and enjoy Mapou Net Radio's specialized programs together with their radio programs since they have a variety of programs planned for specific times of the day. Additionally, Mapou Net Radio offers its audience programming tailored specifically for unique events. Listen to Mapou Net Radio's on various devices, including smartphones, tablets, and computers. Stay connected wherever you go and never miss out on your favorite programs or news updates.



Language: Français, Anglais


Contact Number: ++509 3419-6768

Address: Artibonite, Haiti

Frequency: 99.5 Mhz

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