Radio Tele Odid


About Radio Tele Odid

Looking for non-stop musical excitement? Look no further than Radio Tele Odid! Their jam-packed radio programs are filled with all the hits you love, making sure you never miss out on the musical fun. But it doesn’t stop there – Radio Tele Odid goes the extra mile by offering top-class songs for your special events. All you need to do is hire Radio Tele Odid, and they’ll take care of the rest. So get ready to dance and sing along with the friendly folks at Radio Tele Odid, because they’re here to bring the party to you!

More Information

Radio Tele Odid's theme is connected to all of the hits for all of the musical fun. You just need to hire Radio Tele Odid if you want them to play top-notch songs at your special events in addition to playing great musical hits for you on their radio and daytime programs.



Language: Haitian


Contact Number: +509-4401-0444

Address: P.O. Box 37040,Elmont, NY 11003

Frequency: 106.3 Mhz

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