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Radio Panic FM 97.5 Mirebalais is a generalist station that broadcasts news, sports, politics, technology, art and culture, and social programming in the center department. Un choix selectif (A Selective Choice) is the channel’s tagline. Fans may visit the Panic’s official website to see photos, see videos, read a variety of postings about Haitians across the world, and learn more about programming, staff, and A Propos.

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Major projects are often born from brilliant thoughts and are always designed by prodigious beings, barely noticed in their community, true progenitors of progress, who came into the world to fulfill special missions: to amaze, to train, to inform their fellow human beings. The idea of setting up the PANIC FM station in Mirebalais was born from a group of young people, devoid, at the time, of any particular knowledge in communication, but whose minds were inhabited by magic of the microphone and the mystery of the waves. A few meters from Saint-Louis Cathedral, where they met every weekend, they were thinking about how to set up a radio. If the technical aspect largely occupied the minds of these adolescents, the mission of their future baby was already under discussion.



Language: French


Contact Number: +50934534143

Address: Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Frequency: 97.5 MHz

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Radio Panic