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PAM FM is a new way of seeing life, the primary objective is to bring certain changes to certain old practices. We are PAM FM, a young, dynamic, competent, and serious team. We represent the symbols of youth, power, and strength. Our slogan is “The radio for thinking youth.”

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PAM FM is a new way of looking at life, with the initial goal of implementing adjustments in specific historical patterns. We are PAM FM Stéréo, broadcasting on 100.1 from Desdunes Artibonite in Haiti. A youthful, vibrant, skilled, and cohesive crew. We represent the emblem of a powerful youth. Our tagline is "La radio au coeur de sa mission."



Language: French


Contact Number: +50937829757

Address: 13, rue mackandale Desdues, HAITI +56990955925

Frequency: 103.1 MHz

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Radio PAM FM