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Port De Paix

About Radio Nouvelle Vision Chretienne 89.7 Fm

From May 2002 to May 2018, Radio NVC des Chretienne been serving the world evangelical community for 16 years. the years passed quickly and despite various problems, we managed to still keep the torch well lit and from this moment on, we can shout with a loud and intelligible voice Eben-Ezer Eben-Ezer until now, the Lord has rescued us.

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Meeting God in a personal way, getting to know him, transforms our lives. For example, Peter, a disciple of Jesus, was a simple fisherman when he met Christ. A leader in soul and character, his potential was buried, dedicated as he was to fishing on a lake. Then Jesus came and released this asset, making Peter a major leader in the early church.



Language: French


Contact Number: +(509) 2258-6077

Address: 119 Bis a L'int. Gonaives,Descahos Ruelle Edmond Lorquet a L'etage

Frequency: 89.7 MHz

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