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About Haiti Tec Media

Haiti Tec Media is an extremely natural radio broadcast with a portion of the nation’s driving radio projects in their day long projects plans. They have a few projects that are famous the nation over with traffic from a large number of audience members, which makes Haiti Tec Media a definitely well-known radio broadcaster in the country.

More Information

Haïti Tec Média is a mobile application designed and developed by the students of Haitic to keep you informed in times of crisis. Haïti Tec Média's presentation of their colorful culture, lifestyle, musical trend, passion for music, and numerous other aspects of their entertainment are adored by the musical community in Haiti. Haïti Tec Média has turned into a significant piece of the music sweethearts in the country.


Website: haititecmedia.com

Language: French

Email: haititecmedia@gmail.com

Address: Delmas, Haiti

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