Radio Vwa Peyizan Sid VPS

Les Cayes

About Radio Vwa Peyizan Sid VPS

Radio Vwa Peyizan Sid VPS broadcasts everything musical and relevant to the classical age of music. This radio is home to all of the greatest classic tunes from many styles and genres of music of the time. Radio Vwa Peyizan Sid VPS receives thousands of listeners each day.

More Information

Radio Vwa Peyizan Sid VPS is a popular radio station located in Les Cayes, Haiti. It offers a diverse range of Caribbean music, including local and international hits, to keep listeners entertained throughout the day. Tune in to Radio Vwa Peyizan Sid VPS online and listen to the latest music and news broadcasts, even if you're not in the local broadcasting area. The radio station actively participates in community events and promotes local talent, contributing to the development and growth of the local music industry.




FaceBook: @stationrad

Language: Haitian Creole

Contact Number: +509 37 54 7177

Address: 51, Route du Canapé-Vert HT6115, Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Frequency: 94.1 MHz

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