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About Radio Starvision Inter

Radio Starvision Inter plays a part of the music from their own performers. The radio presents some Caribbean music for its audience members. Some excellent programs that are based on the music of well-known Haitian singers and musicians can be found on Radio Starvision Inter.

More Information

Radio Starvision Inter is an exceptionally natural radio broadcast with a portion of the nation's driving radio projects in their day-long project plans. They have a few projects that are famous the nation over, with traffic from a great many audience members, which makes Radio Starvision Inter a definitely well-known radio broadcast in the country. Starvision inter is the result and logical continuation of a childhood dream, a passion for radio, a vision and a desire to avoid the beaten track. Twenty times on the profession submit your work, serves as motivation for us because we did not let ourselves be discouraged by the difficulties encountered.



Language: French


Contact Number: +19412645460

Address: Haiti

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