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About Radio Rotation FM

Radio Rotation FM 104.9 from Port-au-Prince, Haiti, is an ideal spot for those keen on paying attention to the best Zouk, Konpa, Compos, Salsa, and other Caribbean sorts. Aside from an assortment of music outlines, including dance, Latino pop, jazz, rock, and others, crowds can collaborate with the public culture.

More Information

Radio Rotation FM is a vibrant broadcast community radio station from Haiti that connects listeners with engaging content and music around the clock. With a diverse lineup of shows and programs, Radio Rotation FM offers a platform for local voices and talents to shine. Tune in to Radio Rotation FM for a unique blend of music, news, and entertainment that caters to the rich cultural tapestry of Haiti. Join us on this exciting radio journey as we bring you the best in Haitian broadcasting and beyond. Stay tuned to Radio Rotation FM for a dynamic listening experience that will keep you coming back for more.



Language: Haitian Creole


Contact Number: +1-605-475-1684

Address: Port-au-prince, Haiti

Frequency: 104.9

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