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About Radio Républicain Inter

Radio Républicain International is a private Haitian radio station. It was created by the founder of the Haitian Republican Party, Me Francisco René, a former government commissioner of Port-au-Prince. Since its creation, it has joined the Haitian FM Radio group available on the internet thanks to its MP3 broadcast streams of 32 and 128 kbps. Républicain Inter offers an ambitious musical program, made up of 50% compass titles, and including 60% new releases, including a majority of new talents. Information, debate of ideas, entertainment, and culture.

More Information

We are the Radio for the promotion of values, principles and tradition. We are the other side of the coin! Our philosophy is much more than a discipline. Its goal is to transform knowledge into an art of living by considering it worthy of interest and reflection on the existence of man. Literature, daily life, tradition, music, current events, personal experience: philosophy knows neither constraints nor limits. It aims to transmit a taste for questions more than to deliver knowledge. This is why it never stops, more than ever, the Paths continue.



Language: French


Contact Number: +509 28 14 6868

Address: Port au Prince , Petion Ville , rue Grégoire,Haiti

Frequency: 98.7 MHz

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