Radio Positif FM


About Radio Positif FM

Radio Positif FM is a vibrant community radio station broadcasting from Haiti. Dedicated to spreading positivity and uplifting the community, Radio Positif FM is a beacon of hope and inspiration for its listeners. With a diverse range of programs that entertain, inform, and engage, this radio station is committed to bringing people together and celebrating the rich culture and heritage of Haiti. Tune in to Radio Positif FM for a dose of positivity and good vibes that will brighten your day.

More Information

Simply, you could do without getting exhausted rather than stand by and not any more. Check out Radio Positif FM and reach out to the kinds of projects that will generally keep you associated and draw in with what the radio may be proposing to you. Now is the right time to get engaged with Radio Positif and its cool variety of projects.



Language: French, Creole

Contact Number: +50947649419

Address: 7, Corridor Mm Saintthard,Saint Marc, Haiti

Frequency: 87.5 MHz

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