Radio Phare FM


About Radio Phare FM

Radio Phare FM communicates its projects and beautifies its playlists for a socially different crowd. With the transmission of an assortment of data and amusement programs, Radio Phare FM communicates different neighborhood creations. Their creations and data-based programs contain topics like current affairs, culinary, social, amusement, and sports fields. They are functioning as a scaffold among audience members and music.

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Variety in approach of projects goes with Radio Phare FM, the conclusive decision for a huge number, not just from the region where the radio is communicating but from everywhere the world and uncommonly the entire country. Individuals there cherish the lovely, strong portrayal of the radio programs all through the entire day.



Language: Haitian Creole


Contact Number: +509 3242 7490

Address: Garde Champette, Little Haiti, FL, United States, Florida

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