Radio La Brise FM 104.9


About Radio La Brise FM 104.9

Radio La Brise FM 104.9 is a Haitian radio station that broadcasts from Camp Perrin. It covers almost the whole southern peninsula of Haiti. It offers continuous programs 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Discover social, scientific, and civic programming, as well as tales and good humor! The radio is well thought out!

More Information

Radio La Brise FM 104.9 direct broadcast from Haiti. Radio La Brise FM 104.9 is one of the most popular online radio stations in Haiti. Radio La Brise FM - 104.9 broadcasts all genres of latest hip hop, classical, dance, electronic music, and so on. Stay informed with the latest news updates, including local and international news, politics, sports, and other current affairs. The radio station offers a wide range of music genres, allowing listeners to enjoy a diverse mix of Caribbean hits and popular international tracks.




FaceBook: @labrise104.9

Twitter: @La_Brise_FM
YouTube: @RadioTéléLaBrise

Language: French

Contact Number: +509-37-09-6021

Address: 107 Rue CHamplois Camp-Perrin, Sud Haiti

Frequency: 104.9 MHz

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