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Radio Caciqued DHaiti is a web radio broadcast from Haiti, giving news, data, schooling, talk, and music. Radio Cacique DHaiti is dedicated to providing their listeners with content that satisfies the requirements and aesthetic preferences of their respective national and local musical cultures. In view of their accentuation on these sorts of things, they have had their spot in the hearts of their audience members all around the country.

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Radio Caciqued DHaiti, had the principal female radio administrator in Haiti. We have consistently made the safeguard of opportunity of articulation our side interest horse. In 1964, we saw the flight far away, banished for good of two of our establishing individuals: Roger San Millan and Anthony Phelps. Somewhere in the range of 1963 and 1969, the studios were moved higher up to Adesky's home on mourn Traversière. During this time, Rockefeller Jean-Baptiste, Gérard Camfort, Eddy Zamor, Wilson M. Pierrelus, Jacques Sampeur, and others joined the staff. Some people will still remember the "cacique advertisements" and "flying the red and white flag" broadcasts that were only for the Nemours Jean-Baptiste orchestra, as well as the Jacques Sampeur-hosted Haitian music broadcasts, particularly the Saturday broadcasts that were only for Tabou Combo. The hall (radio theater) of Radio Cacique has additionally seen various specialists and ensembles march, for example, those of Nemours Jean-Baptiste and Webert Sicot, smaller than expected jazz like the Ambassadeurs, the Diplomates, the Vickings including Jean - Claude Carrie, previous overseer of Radio Cacique and well known artist, was its guardian. From 1969 to 1972, Radio Cacique saw its studios shipped to Place Jérémie (not much), to the moving eatery "l'Oasis" (close to the Eldorado film), possessed by the notable writer, previous head of the fair gathering " LOBODIA", previous city chairman of Port-au-Prince: André Juste who, as well, was essential for our staff for a long time.



Language: French


Contact Number: +53 42 48430

Address: Fond Bassin Bleu, Haiti

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