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About IZI FM Radio

Simply be with IZI FM Radio, and you will be with the pattern of music both locally and universally. The degree of subtleties in their sound quality and broadcasting style guarantees their obligation to give their audience members the most ideal method for partaking in the sort of tunes and other related programs IZI FM in view of.

More Information

IZI FM Radio is an international online radio station that broadcasts a new, upbeat music genre to a global audience. IZI FM Radio is an independent station for the internet generation that connects folks with a strong connection to Port-au-Prince, Haiti. IZI FM Radio content includes news, sports, talks, French and Creole talk, and non-stop music. You may pick the player from the channel's official website.


Website: zeno.fm/izi-fm-radio

Language: French

Email: iziradiofm@gmail.com

Contact Number: +50937324747

Address: Port-au-Prince, Haiti

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IZI FM Radio