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About AC Radio

AC Radio focuses on broadcast quality and song selection. This is why it has become a well-known name in Haiti’s radio landscape. The station broadcasts a continual replay of today’s finest music as well as classical songs that helped propel the music industry to its current position. This is the ideal radio for uninterrupted musical delight.

More Information

AC Radio (103.5 FM), a media enterprise based in Haiti's capital, is an independent radio station. The governing objectives align with the law and Haitian radiodiffusion policy. We have a diverse program that is as big as feasible. We make an editorial decision based on diversity, a way of seeing and thinking about the public sphere. The program aims to be innovative, catering to the interests and tastes of both Haïtiens and auditors from other backgrounds, and sharing the rapidly developing virtual public space. We intend to reflect the multicultural nature of our audience's various regions. Sport, culture, politics, economics, and environment.




FaceBook: @ACRadio

Twitter: @haiti_ibo

Language: French

Contact Number: +509 37 26 6919

Address: Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Frequency: 103.5 MHz

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AC Radio