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About Sans Souci FM

Sans Souci FM transmits both Port-au-Prince and worldwide music of various genres. Sans Souci FM’s major objective is to play what their listeners will listen to, or, alternatively, what their listeners would prefer to listen to. Haiti, like Port-au-Prince, has its own rich legacy in music and culture. Sans Souci FM usually aims to play songs and produce programs that will showcase its unique musical and cultural traditions.

More Information

Sans Souci FM 106.9 Cap-Haitien was founded in 1991 as Radio Konbit as part of a national integration strategy based on decentralization. The concept attempted to overcome provinces' isolation by centralizing all decisions, operations, and even information from the capital. Each province should have its own voice. The implementation project was paused in September 1991 and restarted in January 1998 under the moniker Sans Souci FM. The name and approach changed following one of the project backers' sad assassination in August 1994. The motto of the Cap-Haitien station is L'évasion totale.




FaceBook: @SansSouciFM

Language: French

Contact Number: +(509) 2625430

Address: 25-26 boulevard Carénage Cap-Haitien

Frequency: 106.9 MHz

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