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Frandy WebRadio is the best choice for discovering new successes or listening to exciting radio shows. Our programmers work day and night to bring you high-quality content; you will never be bored listening to our radio. Join us and be captivated by our DJ’s music selections and exciting shows.

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Introducing Frandy WebRadio - your ultimate destination for discovering new hits and enjoying thrilling radio programs. Our dedicated programmers tirelessly curate high-quality content to ensure an engaging listening experience. Tune in to our station and immerse yourself in the captivating music selections of our talented DJs, along with a lineup of exciting shows that will keep you entertained round the clock. With Frandy WebRadio, boredom is never an option - join us now and embark on a journey through the world of music like never before!


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Langue: Français

E-mail: [email protected]

Numéro de contact: +55 49 989172060

Adresse: Curitibanos Brésil

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