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Radio Nippes FM, ki te debut nan mwa Oktòb 19, 1996, is an act of faith, witnessing a commitment to the Nippes, both traditional and revolutionary; an expression of a belief that the nippes and the area may reclaim its lost days. Nippes FM Miragoane provides the people of the Nippes peninsula with art, nouvèl, enfòmasyon, amizman, and exercise so that they may prosper. Kilti, espò, ak mizik, as well as French-language content, are key to Radio Nippes content in Haiti.

Radio Nippes FM, released on October 19, 1996, is an act of faith, witnessing an attachment to the Nippes both conventional and revolutionary. It is an expression of a belief that the Nippes and the surrounding area can regain their lost glory days. Nippes FM Miragoane is committed to bringing pieces, nouvèl, enfòmasyon, amizman, and exercises necessary for the thriving of the populace of the Nippes peninsula. With a focus on culture, espò, Mizik, and French-speaking content, Radio Nippes is a cornerstone of Miragoane, Ayiti, serving the community with a blend of local and global content.


Sit entènèt:radionippesfm.blogspot.com

Lang: Alman

Imèl: [email protected]

Nimewo Kontakte: +1849 884 75 26

Adrès: Miragoâne, Ayiti

Frekans: 100.5 MHz

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Radyo Nipes FM